Not always from the Drawing Board

The fun thing about designing a piece of jewelry is the flexibility of the design.  Some, granted need to be kept strictly to the design, others… can have some room to test the imagination.   Thus, this is where I’m always landing.  

I love that I can design a piece from my vision to paper, but then…  when my hands start making the “designed piece”  they sometimes come up with a different view.  I do work with a plan, but I do listen to my heart as my hands work.

Since my last post, I have designed and encompassed two piece sets, so far.   Like most artist, it’s a slow and patient work for hand made jewelry.  I don’t like the “thrown” together look, I prefer the ‘unique’ one of a kind, if possible look.   As with fashion jewelry, the sky is the limit.  We all know that.  With designing Native American Style Jewelry, there’s only a few pieces that you can design “outside the box” and still remain somewhat true to your original concept.   Playing with that idea, I work to be unique as possible, while giving respect to the original design of our Native Jewelry designers of long, long ago.

I do hope you enjoy the vision, as much as the design, and the finished piece.

Thanks for dropping by.

Just the little Native Gal, designing from her heart.

Note:  These were special order and have been SOLD. 
You can contact me for a designed gift for your Holiday shopping list.

Here are a few finished pieces since I last posted.

Hello and Welcome

Native By Designz Jewelry Collections is more than a blog. It’s a journal of my beading designs, thoughts, projects and completed jewelry pieces. It’s a written and visual recording of how I design jewelry, and what some of the pieces I do, mean to me. I should have started mapping my  journey a long time ago.  I’ll be including photos of selected pieces and the story behind those pieces.  The fun of design and redesign.

I’ll be including suggestions, tips and tools,(even substitution tool suggestion)  easy to do hand made projects, suggested web links for those that want to indulge more in the art of jewelry making and design. I love to do special order request.  So please, if you have a special occasion, or need a unique gift, just let me know.

I do hope you will follow me and get in on the upcoming events, sales and more.
I love interaction, feedback and critique.
Looking forward to your visits.